QuickSession PRO

Your Easy Button to Audio Recording.



QSP Studio Connects to Remote Client.


Push Base Music Track to Remote Client.


Record from Remote Client & Transfer Recordings.


Bounce New Base Music Track from QSP Studio.

Get To Recording Fast with
Less Setup Time

Produce recording sessions virtually no different than recording in the same studio – Fast and Easy

QuickSession Pro was created by music recording professionals for
music recording professionals.





Released: February 11, 2023
Available on: Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more...

Four easy clicks to connect virtual talent while running the entire recording session with the most popular DAWs.

No recording quality constraints.
Supports Highest Quality Setting of Audio Interface With No Compression.

No distance constraints
Connect to Talent Worldwide in Your Recording Session

Establishing the Connection

When the connection is established between the QuickSession Pro Studio and Remote Client, the virtual recording studio is created.

The Base Track

Pushing the base track to the Remote Client enables the virtual talent to hear the music controlled by the QuickSession Pro Studio with zero latency.

Record and Transfer

Files recorded on the Remote Client are securely transferred to the QuickSession Pro Studio and imported in the DAW project.

Bounce Down

The QuickSession Pro plugin bounces down the recorded tracks from the Remote Client.  A new mix track is transferred to the Remote Client.

Use Cases

Song Creation Collaboration

We learned through COVID that music creation is a team sport. Unfortunately, COVID drastically impacted the ability of songwriters and musicians to have real-time collaboration in the songwriting process. But, on the other hand, this horrible situation triggered innovation.
QuickSession Pro addresses these issues by the following;

1) Providing a high-quality video and audio monitor connecting musicians to a collaborative recording session from anywhere in the world and,

2) Both musicians record into a single project removing the need to move files around outside the DAW.

Produce Talent Remotely

When I describe how superb virtual recording is, people question if someone has recording gear, why would I need to record virtually? There are many reasons this is important, but one in particular. Just because you have recording gear doesn't make you a producer..
QuickSession Pro enables a producer to produce vocals with the vocalist in another county. The beauty is the vocalist can be a vocalist with no need to click a record button, set a level, or manually transfer a file. Instead, the producer runs QuickSession Pro Studio, while the vocalist runs QuickSession Pro Client. The session runs no different than the talent recording in the same studio.

Commercial Studio to Commercial Studio Session

Let's say you have a signed recording artist with several musicians and vocalists queued up to perform on the new album.

QuickSession Pro removes the need to fly talent to a single studio. Sometimes, the musicians and vocalists could be on their tour and located outside the country. Instead, QuickSession Pro connects two professional recording studio's from anywhere in the world to keep the recording process moving, all files stored in a single project, decreasing the project budget and meeting project timelines.

Draft Track Idea Development

Creativity comes at the strangest times as a songwriter. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a session with your artists, even if they don't have a DAW, to capture the idea?

QuickSession Project runs as an AU or VST installed in a DAW and a standalone application on your laptop and mobile device. Only with QuickSession Pro can your create music with artists and musicians using a standalone application to record directly into your favorite DAW to capture that idea. With QuickSession Pro, you always have that inspiration, even if your friend is in another state or country.